Show & Tell: June 14/13

This morning I woke up early, cuddled with my puppy, looked for my kitty and got into work by 830am.  I feel great today and am super excited that my cousin Tanya is in town for the weekend.

I am also pretty ecstatic that last night I was able to find most of my missing blog posts, saved in a web archive.  You always here that nothing is every really deleted, but I wasn’t able to find my old posts until last night.  Some of them are definitely better off left in the archive and not on my blog, but some of them are awesome!  If you are a subscriber, sorry for the influx of posts/emails, but I have to get this blog back up and running and it might be interesting to see where my blog adventures started.

I’m hoping to get out of the office early today as well.  Fingers crossed I can get everything done quickly today.

  • I have to mention this again, because I’m so happy that I found out about it check out Wayback Machine web archive.
  • Sure F*ck Cologne is actually a real thing and not that I doubted you Mark, but I couldn’t believe it!
  • Art for Oliver is a crowd-sourced funding campaign for a friend of Jason & I’s Boston Terrier Puppy Oliver, and he was born with luxating platellas in both knees requiring immediate corrective surgery.  His dad is a very talented artist and if you can make a donation, please do.

  • A little morbid, but fascinating at the same time – The Last Living Photos of Famous Figures
  • I love making food from scratch and home made snacks & meals are always so much better than processed, pre-packaged ones. So here are 30 Foods You’ll Never Have To Buy Again!
  • love Maegan is one of my favourite blogs – she has great style and is a fashion DIY-er like no other.  She recently posted about James Beck’s 2011 Pay It Forward social project and it is a beautiful and wonderful thing that gives you faith in the good of people.  I am going to do my part as well and make a donation to his project, along with sharing this with all of you.
  • A lovely Canadian musician, Tenille, who I now have the pleasure of working with, is also doing her part and spreading dreams, inspiration and charity through schools across Canada with her Play It Forward tour.