Show & Tell – May 31/13

OMG guys.  It has been WAY too long since I’ve done a Show & Tell.  It’s the typical story, work, life, etc., takes some precedence over my poor little blog.  I haven’t written anything personal lately either, and for this, well I’m sorry and let’s see what the summer brings.

I have been working extra hard lately.  I LOVE my job at IQ and for those that don’t know I’ve been doing some FA work again.  I have a love/hate relationship with the entertainment industry, but even when I left, I still got daily calls for Actors.  Working with a couple cool, new talented people, so that’s exciting and awesome.

I’ve had a dog now since the beginning of April.  His name is Finn, he’ll b 5 months old on June 6 and I promise to introduce him to you very soon.  Last Friday was my 4th year sitting on a panel at COLS and this year it was the “Everyday Leadership” panel.  I absolutely LOVE going to COLS every year and I hope they have me back again!  I’ve made some great friends and connections and it inspires me to get to meet new faces every year.

This week I had dinner at AFT for a friends bday.  You HAVE to go there and check out the mouth watering BBQ.  I’ve got a post coming about the amazing food (and they made me a veggie dinner!)

Now, on to the Show & Tell!