Bite Bar & Buytopia

Bite Bar teamed up with Buytopia with a deal for and I had the hard task of testing out the deal and eating the unbelievably scrumptious bite-size gourmet cupcakes and mini cheesecakes. Sometimes being a blog girl is too delicious for words!


Bite Bar has been in business since February of his year and owner Nisha Amin has created a beautiful space.

I asked for a sampling of her favourites and got these two boxes of desserts. It was hard not to eat them right on the spot, but poor Jason was waiting at home as my co-tester so I couldn’t leave him out.


Every bite was eyes closed, savor every morsel, delicious. We ate 1 each of the duplicate flavours and split the other In half. There was no way I could pick a favourite cupcake, but my favourite one to look at was the link sparkly one.

We were stuffed from cupcakes and decided to save the cheesecake for the following night.

Following dinner the next evening we sat down to devour the cheesecakes. We split them in half and literally every bite was heaven!

I am a sucker for delicious desserts and having them come in a bite size makes them even better to eat. No messiness or icing all over your face. Just pure, unadulterated delectableness.

Soo in conclusion, you absolutely MUST get your next desserts from Bite Bar. It would be a great place to use for your parties or even events (hint, hint PR friends)

I am requesting my next party have bite-size gourmet cupcakes. And cheesecakes. And marshmallow bars. And well, whatever Bite Bar whips up next!