Buytopia’s $100 Million Celebration

As you guys might know I’ve been lucky to be a part of the Buytopia Affiliate Bloggers.  They’ve sent me on some fun adventures so far, like my Nailopolis Luxury Mani & Pedi; the yummy 4-course Cheesewerks Tasting Experience; and the High Tea Wedding Soiree (which I had to miss out on due to being sick forever!).

Well on March 7th we got to check out their offices and celebrate their $100 Million milestone!  Jason and I got to chat with some babes that I hadn’t seen in ages (hi Crystal, Casie & Val) and I got to finally meet Vanessa which was awesome.

My handsome date is none other than International Man of Leisure, Pony!  He cleans up really nice 🙂  I love when he comes to events with me (hint, hint)


I love the knife holder guy and should have bought him while he was one of the deals.  Hopefully I can find him in a store somewhere.


We drank, ate tons of yummy apps and met some of the ladies at Buytopia.  And I was given a gorgeous new bracelet from Anomoly!

Thanks so much to Buytopia for all the awesome deals that I’ve be able to try out.  It’s really nice to work with a company that values their bloggers.  It’s definitely in part to their fantastic partner, Val and Charming Media.  Love working with you guys!!!