Morgan Cameron Ross – College & Bathurst

I have been a fan (and friend) of Morgan’s since the day we first met and he brought me a Winnie The Pooh bear.


Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of seeing him play live and have been lucky to get sneak peaks of his new material. His first solo album holds one of my favourite songs – I’ll Hold On To Your Heart – featuring my favourite female musician Holly McNarland. I’ve been waiting for new MCR music and yesterday he released his long awaited EP College & Bathurst



You can stream the album HERE and purchase it on iTunes HERE. Of course, it’s a great EP and you should check it out!


$40, 110lbs dog, Martin acoustic guitar, two shoulder bags and an empty Brooklyn
loft space. Morgan Cameron Ross is known for many things, none of which being his
patience, pragmatism or pension for making healthy choices. Two months prior, Morgan was on top of the World, living with long term girlfriend, Canadian Supermodel, Tara Gill in Toronto. The two relocated their lives to New York City; days later, those previously mentioned poor choices, proved suiting. Standing at a ATM machine, frustrated over the fact that with bank fees he could only access $20, Morgan stood there a newly single man. Broken hearted, Morgan hawked his fancy camera, leashed up his confused pup and headed back to Canada. What Morgan lacks in patience and choices, he makes up in close friends and great lyrics. Quickly, and to avoid reality, Morgan hunkered down with Pilate/Pilot Speed singer, Todd Clark, and got straight to writing. With Todd on the helm for production, and Morgan wearing his heart on his sleeve, the two have successfully written the most open, vulnerable and scary album of Morgan’s life.