Nailopolis review

Saturday at 10am I had my Luxury Mani/Pedi appointment at Nailopolis and let me tell you for $39 it’s an amazing deal.  My Esthetician was Tyra and she was absolutely fantastic so make sure you ask for her!

I walked in to the cutest shabby chic salon and it reminded me of the store Chatelet.  It was a really cozy environment and the decor is so comforting and relaxing.  Much nicer then some of the more medical asthetic salons I’ve been to.

Everyone was super nice and friendly and I felt right at home as soon as I walked through the doors.  The salon had been there for some time under previous owners and the new location and name Nailopolis has been open for a few months now.

I had alot of questions about the Shellac process as I’d never had it done before and I’ve had some scary nail appointments in the past (acrylics!!) so was concerned about the health of my nails.  I felt at ease as both the owner Penny and Tyra were super knowledgeable and of course experts, so I was informed and ready to go!

I started with a yummy chocolatey chai tea and ginger snaps – and I forgot to take a photo but it was served in a proper china tea cup and saucer – which totally speaks to my tea-loving, girly side.

I had my pedicure first – regular, not shellac – and chose the Mint soak with brown sugar scrub.  It was refreshing and soo relaxing I almost fell asleep.  I got a nice scrub and learned a great trick of the trade – they use Grapeseed Oil for your cuticles!  Then came the Pomegrante & fig lotion along with a heavenly foot massage!  Next was the polish and I of course chose the sparkly red James Bond OPI colour for my toes.

Next was my Shellac manicure and I was super excited to try it out for the first time.  I chose another red shellac colour called “I Am Not A Waitress” (also by OPI)

The shellac process wasn’t any more time consuming then a regular manicure and in fact I think it was a faster process!  Tyra used Acetone to dehydrate and make sure there was no trace of moisture or oil on my nails.  She then applied a base coat which you dry under a UV light for 90 seconds.  Of course she told me that the UV light was not enough to give me radiation OR give me a tan, but just enough to dry the polish.  After the base coat was dry she did 2 coats of polish – and after every coat they dried under the UV light for 2 minutes.  Finally she did the top coat which seals the polish and it hardened/dried under the UV light for 3 minutes.

I would highly recommend the shellac manicure and you should go to Nailopolis and ask for Tyra regardless.  She is knowledgeble and pretty fantastic.  I really enjoyed chatting with her and will go back in 2 weeks to get the shellac removed and another manicure done.

She did give me some words of caution – if I peel off my nail polish it WILL take a layer off my nails.  You have to have it removed professionally.  So take note and don’t peel!

If you  have a chance to get the deal they’ve extended it for 7 more hours and you can do so by clicking HERE and if you want to see all their daily deals click HERE or on the Buytopia logo in my sidebar.

Thank you to Nailopolis, Tyra and Buytopia for the awesome experience!!