Show & Tell: Nov 09/12

Another week gone by and it really feels like Winter now.  I’ve been wearing a hat, gloves, scarf and my red peacoat all week.  I also took the TTC on two days and believe me when I say that rush hour is the WORST time to be on it!  I had an old man leaning into my shoulder as I sat in a seat and a very large woman crammed herself onto a packed subway and actually hurt me when she pinned me against the wall.  Some people!  But enough of my TTC woes – it’s a great service and I’m thankful we have it, though I can’t wait to see if/when they actually move forward with expansion.

This weekend is the last weekend of the Royal Winter Fair and I am going to try and go Saturday with Rhianne & Lyla to see a horseshow.  I’ve really been missing my horse lately (RIP Breeze) and I’d like to start riding again.  I don’t know if I’d ever compete but taking lessons and being a part of a barn is a wonderful feeling.

  • Katie over at Live Originally posted these awesome Kitchen Helpers – handy quick reference guides for measuring, volume & even making tea!
  • I want to travel across Europe and tour castles – these 12 Most Beautiful Castles are amazing!!
  • I NEED to vacation in Maldives and the Luxury Resort Ayada looks like the perfect place!  Someone take me or send me there!!!
  • Want a natural way to help lengthen and grow your eyelashes?  Fashion Indie has a great post & DIY for a natural remedy
  • You will not believe the miniature food works of art that Shay Aaron makes.  They look so real and yummy!
  • Election Night Texts Between Strangers – just have a look
  • Canine heroes of 9/11, 10 years later
  • The Voices of history archive is fascinating.  You can listen to some of the most famous speeches and broadcasts in history.
  • I have been trying to teach myself how to make a new version of my website from scratch, but it has been challenging.  Until I stumbled across W3 Schools Online – where I can learn the skills & programs I need to do it & earn a certification if I choose!!!!!!
  • Photoset of  one of the cutest kittens

  • And last but certainly not least, here is the full version of Obama’s 2012 Re-Election Acceptance Speech.  Yes I am Canadian but I admire this man and what he is trying to do with the US.  He was the better choice and it is a moving and inspiring speech.