On Friday I attended TEDxToronto.  It was an absolutely amazing and inspiring day.  I actually paid attention to the whole day and didn’t really tweet or engage with anyone via social media for most of the day.

I really recommend getting involved with TEDx talks in your community and you should watch the videos (once they’re online) of the speakers from the Toronto talks on Friday. I’ll be posting/linking to the full videos on my blog as soon as they are live.

All of the speakers, hosts and performers were fantastic.  It was truly a wonderful day for me and I left feeling like I could take on the world.  Check out my favourite speakers and their intro videos below for a taste of what I mean:


  • Sonya JF Barrett & Heather Jarvis – Co-founders of SlutWalk – unbelievably brave and moving, they made me tear up and were very deserving of the standing ovation.


  • Marcelo da Luz – Founder Catalyst, The Power of One: Solar Car Project