Is today Monday??

Cause it kinda feels like it!  I have had a ridiculously hectic day so far that went like this:

700am: woke up to an email from Darryl at IndieWeek asking me to moderate a panel on Tastemakers & Influencers this Thursday!!

815am: I’m actually leaving early for work!  Awesome

8:20am: My car won’t start.  Possibly the battery is dead, I guess I shouldn’t of passed on those deals for the best lithium jump starter, but oh well, still have enough time to ttc in and be in by 9am

9:02am: At work, sitting down at my desk, go to turn on my computer and realize that it’s still in my car, at home, across town.

915am: Jump in a cab to go to Kyle’s work to borrow his car – realize that my bank card is in my purse, at work, in my desk.

935am: borrow Kyle’s debit card to pay for cab and car to get home & get my computer to be back in time for my 1030am Interview

9:50am: home, grab my computer and run back to the office

10:25am: pull into parking lot, get email that my interview is early and run to the office

1027am: get out of the elevator and run to my desk to unpack, with 3 minutes to spare

1030am: walk into my interview, clear headed and ready to go!

12:00pm: drive Kyle’s car back to his work so he has it

12:10pm: get on streetcar back to work

1:00pm: finally back and work and breathing because I can relax now!

Thank god for my iPhone & mobile blogging!

Happy Day After the Long Weekend!