Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving.  It’s a time for family & friends, good food & giving thanks for all the good in your life.  We’re going up to Mom & Dad’s today for dinner and I’m bringing homemade butternut squash soup (in a Mason jar – stay tuned I am obsessed with jar-ing things) and am waiting on the fresh pumpkin to be cooked so I can make a pumpkin pie.  The boys are already on their way up to close the pool and it’s a beautiful Fall day outside.

I’m so thankful for where I am in my life right now.  I have wonderful friends, a close-knit family, an amazing partner and feel like I’m on the right track with my job.  It’s been a long few years of hard lessons, picking up pieces and completely changing direction with my life.  It’s a struggle at times, but so worth it in the end.

So thank you everyone who has stuck by me, pushed me to do better and been an ear and shoulder to cry on when I needed it.  Thank you to all of you who read this and have kept me inspired.


I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving today and really takes a moment to reflect and give thanks for your life and those in it.  You only have one life and you should make the very best of it!