Life is short, be good to each other

Yesterday I learned that a young girl I know had been hit by a car and killed while walking down the road. It’s heartbreaking, to say the least but it really makes you think about what is important.

Fame, fortune and possessions seem to be what our culture is focused on and obsessed about. Everyone has an opinion and there are truly awful lies, rumors, gossip and bullying that seem to be the focus of everyone from politicians &celebrities, to bloggers, social media peeps and everyone in between.

Be good to each other, be kind to your family, your neighbours and people you see in the street. Use your manners when speaking to anyone, whether they are a customer service rep answering your call, the barista serving your coffee or a taxi driver dropping you off.

Smile at people when you pass by them in the street or in the hall, it’s contagious and you could make someone’s day.

Love hard and don’t be afraid to tell the people who mean the most to you that you care. You never know when the last time you speak to them will be.

Above all else, remember that what matters most in your life is YOU. How you behave and present yourself, how you treat other people and how you condition or let other people treat you. The relationships that you cultivate and keep are the real keys to happiness and let that be your legacy.

Life is short, be good to each other.