Taste of the Danforth 2012

On Friday night Jason and I went on a double date with our friends Jill & Dewayne to Taste of the Danforth.  I had never been before, even thought I live pretty close, and was excited to taste everything vegetarian that I could.

Luckily the rain cleared up just as I left work so we were nice and dry for the evening.

We started off with my new favourite way to eat pizza – in a Zazzu Pizza Cone from The Mad Italian!  Jill and I had the Margarita and the boys both ate the Pepperoni ones.  It was absolutey delicious and a much better idea then a pizza slice.  You could eat it easily while walking or driving without making a mess!  There Danforth location is opening in the next couple of weeks and they have locations on Bayview & College.




Me with my Zazzu Pizza Cone


After Pizza Cones we walked around looking for an empty patio to have a beer.  We stopped at Lolita’s Lust and sat down near a couple who told us that if we want a Cameron’s Cream Ale then the first round was on them!  Of course we all ordered a Cameron’s and started chatting  with our new friends and it turns out that Bill is the owner of Cameron’s Brewery and his lovely wife Odette works in PR.  We’re super excited to go on a brewery tour and I’ll be sure to post about it!


Me, Jason, Odette, Bill, Dewayne & Jill enjoying Cameron’s Cream Ale


After beers we went wandering around looking for lamb on a stick and other meatatarian delights.  Dewayne got a quail, which to be honest looked kinda gross and small, and then they all had chicken and pork on a stick.  Not to my liking but glad they got what they wanted!  Last stop was for gelato and by then we were so full of food and beer we decided to call it a night.

Great double date night!