Do You Love JELL-O?

Last Thursday I was invited to a super cool JELL-O party, but I ended up getting out of the city to beat the heat and had a pool party with some girls and Mom & Dad’s and didn’t get out of the pool in time!

At this awesome event they showcased some crazy new ways to use JELL-O to make treats you would never have thought of! There were JELL-O cookies, JELL-O cake, JELL-O pudding cups and even JELL-O slices!

Click HERE for the scrumptious looking and sounding recipes.

I was sorry that we didn’t get back in time but my amazing friends at Edelman and JELL-O decided that we wouldn’t have to miss out and have offered up not 1, but 3 JELL-O gift baskets to give to you guys!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here on my blog telling me a great JELL-O memory you have, whether a cool recipe, a funny story or anything you can think of. I’ll pick the 3 winners by random draw on Wednesday June 27 at 12:00pm (noon) and you’ll get a gift basket sent to your door.

The giveaway is open to any Canadian resident (sorry to you guys that are out of Canada – I’m planning another giveaway in the near future open to EVERYONE!)

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday so far. I’ve got one full week of non-anxiety vacation before I start my exciting new job. Who wants to do summer fun this week?

How many times can I write JELL-O in one post!! LOL

UPDATE: since I’m out shopping I’ve decided to extend the contest deadline to 5pm EST today.

  • My memories of Jell-o are making them on my own as a kid and ejoying them, my favorite dessert is one that my mom makes, a fruit custard with jello on top.

  • I think the funniest Jello Story I have is from a friends party a number of years ago. Her husband’s Mother, who is a very strict, upstanding German lady wandered the house handing out Jello shooters (yeah, this wasn’t a kid’s treat!). They were really yummy, and it was hysterical to watch a 70+ lady let all the 30 something guys know that “No” was not an option!

  • My mom always makes Jell-o for family gatherings. My favourite memory is when she managed to mess up how it was made (how can you mess it up one might ask seeing as it’s almost foolproof) (well to this day I have no idea) we wound up putting it in the freezer to set and it eventually worked out. I just remember laughing about the whole situation. my mom rarely cooks/bakes/makes Jell-o except for family gatherings. I definitely associate it with fond family related memories. 

  • Jonnie

    My most recent Jell-O memory is that I spent several weeks in the hospital and after the first week or so all the hospital food started to smell funny to me and I couldn’t eat any of it accept the Jell-O. For some reason it didn’t smell wierd. I was literally eating Jell-O for every meal! My nurses were amazing making sure they got me different flavours so I was getting some variety.

  • Raija

    The best JELLO memory I have is over my kids thinking it was really alive because it wiggles and jiggles, plus the great slurping sounds they can make when they eat it!!