Brand Yourself

I read  about a new start up called Brand Yourself on I’m Charming You last week and I signed up right away (great find Val!)

There is a new start-up called BrandYourself that allows you to effectively manage your online reputation by approving or disapproving of the links that show up on the first page when someone Googles your name. You can create a profile and also submit links that you want to boost and show up on the first page.

I do love it and think it’s a great tool that everyone should use.  In this day and age you really have to know what is showing up when you Google yourself.  I spend a large part of my day doing research and looking for potential candidates and you can bet I’m looking at everything.  You never know who is checking out your digital footprint and Brand Yourself is a tool that will help you put your best foot forward.   You should check it out.  Let me know what you think.

After signing up for my BrandYourself profile I received an email from Trevor my new personal  search engine rep giving me an email and direct # to call if I needed help or any questions.  A real live person who I’ve emailed back and forth with a couple of times now.  Great customer service and I’m impressed.