Show & Tell: Mar 23/12

Coming back from vacation in the middle of the week means that you are SUPER BUSY for the rest of it, but fortunately I got a sub for lunch around the corner and have just enough time left to put up a show & tell. Hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful weather. It looks like we’re gonna have some rain and cooler temps for the weekend, but at least SPRING IS HERE!

  • A beautiful video for Morgan Cameron Ross’ song “Storybook Romance” featuring the gorgeous Tara Gill

Forget what you heard about sticks and stones

My horoscope today from the AstroTwins is such great advice that I had to post it for everyone to read.  Whether you believe in Astrology or not, I think this is an important point to keep in mind for your every day life.

Words have power, so forget what you heard about sticks and stones. Mercury retrogrades back through your communication sector until April 4, giving your verbal expressions an extra punch. One snarky comment could burn an important bridge. Be careful not to put negative commentary in writing. Your emails could travel to an unwanted audience, putting you in the hotseat. When in doubt, rewind and be kind.

Hate and Heartbreak Pop-Up Shop

I’m back from vacation (which was amazing, thank you FMB friends & family!) and got the exciting news that my sister Kristin’s online clothing store Hate and Heartbreak has a Pop-Up Shop open from March 15-April 15! It’s located inside Brava Couture (553 Queen St West) and Kristin will be there every day. Make sure you go in and check out her line and say hi!


Here’s the press release for all the details.


TORONTO, ON – Actress Kristin Fairlie has launched her first pop up shop for her online
clothing store Hate and Heartbreak. Hate and Heartbreak is a collection of lovingly curated
clothing, selected from film sets and wardrobe set sales across Canada and including Los
Angeles, New York and London. Each item is the only one of its kind available at Hate and
Heartbreak, which means the pieces are as unique as the shopper. “Hate and Heartbreak is
about what comes after,” Kristin explains. “You pick up the pieces, you buy that new dress
or jacket or whatever and you get back out there, and that’s what we want to represent. We
support the choice to move forward stronger than before.”

A Toronto native, Kristin spends her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, and
has graced screens big and small for the past 20 years. A Young Artist of Hollywood Award
winner at the age of 15 for her film The Sweetest Gift, Kristin has appeared in films and
television series including the award winning feature comedy You Might as Well Live, Instant
Star, Flashpoint, Metropia, Train 48 and Road to Avonlea. She is well known as the voice of
Little Bear on the Internationally loved children’s cartoon Little Bear, and also as the voice
of Bridgette on Teletoon’s hit series Total Drama Island. Most recently Kristin completed the
Julia Roberts-produced film Jesus Henry Christ, and appeared in a cameo role in the indie
film Moon Point.

Hate and Heartbreak’s pop up shop is from March 15th to April 15th and is located at
553 Queen st. West inside Brava Couture in the heart of the Fashion District. You can follow
Hate and Heartbreak and Kristin Fairlie on Twitter @h8nhrtbrk & @kristinfairlie . For more
information visit &


Rumer at The Mod Club

Thanks for reminding me to post these videos William!

You might remember I posted about Morgan Cameron Ross opening for Rumer at The Mod Club a few weeks ago.  I promised to post the Rumer videos I shot but life seriously gets in the way of my blogging!  I’m not complaining.  I absolutely love my job and what I get to do but it is definitely cutting into my blogging time 🙂

Rumer was brilliant.  I loved her sound and her band as well.  Check her out if you have a chance.

Here are live performances of Am I Forgiven and Take Me As I Am.


Happy 1st day of March everyone!