Morgan Cameron Ross & Rumer

On Mon Feb 13, Jason and I went on a date to see Morgan Cameron Ross play at the Mod Club.  He opened for a girl named Rumer (Elton John is a big fan) but I hadn’t heard of her until the show.  It was my first night out to see live music since we saw Morgan open for Third Eye Blind at Echo Beach this summer, and of course Brock was there too 🙂  Morgan played without a band and I really liked the raw sound of just the guitar.  Oh yeah, and Morgan if Holly isn’t available I’m so in to sing her part on Hold On To Your Heart – one of my favourite songs off the album.

Here’s the live version of My Brother Went to Prison – which is a song that’s video is banned in Quebec for being too sexual


And here’s a live version of “Let It Go”, his last song of the night.


If you haven’t heard any of Morgan’s solo stuff you should check him out online and download his album “Let It Go” on iTunes

I’ll post the videos of Rumer tomorrow.  She was amazing and such a strong singer.  You’ll love her!