Show & Tell: Friday the 13th – Jan 13/11

Ooohhhh is this spooky day for you or what?  I’ve said this before, but Friday the 13th doesn’t usually feel like a scary or unlucky day for our family because my little bro was born on a Friday the 13th and I actually like this day 🙂  I woke up to the first real snow we’ve had this winter and my first time to drive a standard car in the show.  Luckily I thought to call Kyle for advice before heading out.

Here’s my first Show & Tell of 2012 and it’s a little light but hope you like it.

  • I started reading the She Knows site last year and it’s got lots of interesting articles.  I’m not big into New Years Resolutions but the article Top 5 Financial Resolutions To Make This Year is on my To Do list
  • I absolutely HATE taxidermy and apparently this has seen a resurgence as it’s trendy again to decorate your home with dead animals.  But then Regretsy posted about Shauna Richardson’s Crochetdermy and it’s brilliant!


  • My co-worker shared this article with me earlier this week and though most companies wouldn’t agree I think it’s a great idea.  Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days – now this does have the potential to be abused but as Red Frog’s owner has a great answer for this
    “If [employees are] incapable of handling the responsibility that comes along with having unlimited vacation days, they’re probably incapable of handling other responsibilities too, so don’t hire them.”
  • Great perspective on body image here – Carrie Klassen’s “This Is What A Naked Woman Looks Like
  • This was on my FB feed last week – I can’t remember who posted so comment if it was you! 13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True
  • Check out my sister’s online shop Hate and Heartbreak – EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!
  • Love this video I saw via Perez Hilton – Impromtu Subway Jam