My 1st iPhone post

Blogging from bed on Sunday morning. Im liking my new iPhone now that Bell got it together and switched my service. I have to admit that I feel a little guilty switching from a blackberry but the iPhone options are just so much more attractive. Like blogging on my phone. Havent figured out the best way to organize my multiple emails yet. Would also love your recommendations on the best or favourite apps.

Spending the day packing and moms coming to help. Then were going to meet Carris new dog Rocco.

Hope you guys have a great Sunday Funday too!

Show & Tell: Jan 27/11

This week has been a little rough, I’m not gonna lie.  Things are up and down and all around but thankfully this weekend is PACKING WEEKEND cause we move on Tuesday!!!

I am ecstatic for a new place.  I can’t tell you how many issues we’ve had with the place we’re in now.  Ugh.  Worst landlords EVER!  Our new place is closer to Queen, bigger, has a working fireplace, and backyard, dishwasher, laundry and parking.  Yup.  We’re moving up in the world 🙂  I have paint colours picked out, a new bed ready to be purchased and found the perfect couch for our new space.  I usually feel like January 1st is the start of a new year for me (being that it’s my birthday and all) but this year January seemed to be a continuation of the annoying year of 2011.  So February 1st is the day to turn over a new leaf, push forward on my goals and projects and really get moving on in life!

I’ve got some great links to share with you this week.  Hope you like them!


That’s it for me today.  I’m off to work and can’t wait to get packed and moved!  If you want to come over for beers, pizza and packing everyone’s invited!!

Have a great Friday.

Show & Tell: Jan 20/11

This week was a hard one.  My wonderful uncle passed away and for a family as close as ours it has been a trying time.  I’ve been up and down, sad and happy and very reflective about life and what is important.  Death has a way of bringing you back to reality and focusing on living your life to the fullest.  My uncle had a great life and we will remember him as a strong man who lived the best life he could.

Life is too short to be mad, angry, jealous or mean.  Do unto others as you would have done to you.  I want to be an inspiration to people, give back to those that need it and be a strong role model.  I love that anyone reads my blog and comments on what I have to say and please feel free to share with me privately if you don’t want to post on here.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, here are some great links to take us into the weekend!

  • XOJane beauty editor Cat shares her best at-home teeth whitening products.  I’ve been thinking my chompers could use a bit of brightening lately and I want to try them out.
  • I think I found this on Mashable and it’s a site that takes you to each profile so you can see what apps you are using via social profiles and clean them up – Start 2012 by Taking 2 Minutes to Clean Your App Permissions 
  • I am still loving A Beautiful Mess and in a recent post she shares 5 Ways I Display Photos in my Home which I think it super great because most photos live on your computer or the internet now.  I love my old photo albums and I don’t have nearly enough personal photos displayed.  I remember when I first moved out I had a wall display of photos of friends & family and in the new house I want another one.
  • Another A Beautiful Mess find that is going to be very helpful to a novice like me 5 Tips for Food Photography
  • I posted last week about Aveda’s Scholarship Contest – if you’re interested in winning tuition to pursue your dream of being a top stylist then ENTER!
  • Artist Guy Laramee literally carves mountains out of old books.  Here is an article on him with images and you can check out his website HERE
  • Found some really interesting Beauty Tips from All Over the World – from a Brazilian Cellulite Cure to a Chinese Anti-Aging Secret
  • Led by the child who simply knew – an amazing story of hope for a young transgender person. Twin boys who were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care.
  • How much should you tip when out at a restaurant?  This great infographic shows Tipping Etiquette around the world (click image to enlarge)


That’s it for this week.  I want everyone that reads this to make a point of telling the people closest to you that you love them.

Show & Tell: Friday the 13th – Jan 13/11

Ooohhhh is this spooky day for you or what?  I’ve said this before, but Friday the 13th doesn’t usually feel like a scary or unlucky day for our family because my little bro was born on a Friday the 13th and I actually like this day 🙂  I woke up to the first real snow we’ve had this winter and my first time to drive a standard car in the show.  Luckily I thought to call Kyle for advice before heading out.

Here’s my first Show & Tell of 2012 and it’s a little light but hope you like it.

  • I started reading the She Knows site last year and it’s got lots of interesting articles.  I’m not big into New Years Resolutions but the article Top 5 Financial Resolutions To Make This Year is on my To Do list
  • I absolutely HATE taxidermy and apparently this has seen a resurgence as it’s trendy again to decorate your home with dead animals.  But then Regretsy posted about Shauna Richardson’s Crochetdermy and it’s brilliant!


  • My co-worker shared this article with me earlier this week and though most companies wouldn’t agree I think it’s a great idea.  Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days – now this does have the potential to be abused but as Red Frog’s owner has a great answer for this
    “If [employees are] incapable of handling the responsibility that comes along with having unlimited vacation days, they’re probably incapable of handling other responsibilities too, so don’t hire them.”
  • Great perspective on body image here – Carrie Klassen’s “This Is What A Naked Woman Looks Like
  • This was on my FB feed last week – I can’t remember who posted so comment if it was you! 13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True
  • Check out my sister’s online shop Hate and Heartbreak – EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!
  • Love this video I saw via Perez Hilton – Impromtu Subway Jam