I lost a bunch of posts

I lost a bunch of posts from the very beginning of my blog, I think they were even imported from my first blogger site.  When I made the switch from kaponetwo some of the posts just disappeared and I couldn’t figure out what to do.  It’s probably been too long to figure out but maybe one day I will.  My blog feels really bare lately and its frustrating.  I’ve got lots to do and say but not enough time to write it all down.  I guess that’s a good thing though.  I’m too busy to sit down and write.  There’s always so much going on.  I made the best butternut squash soup ever last night for dinner.  Jason loved it and he said some pretty ridiculous things that I’m not going to post.  haha.

Jason found me a heart shaped rock

We’re going back to Florida soon and I cannot wait to go on a road trip.  I’m only going for a week this time and Jason for the winter so that kinda sucks that I have to fly home without him.  I need to move and get a bigger place soon.  I’m looking in the Beach/Leslieville area so if you hear of anything let me know!

Life has been busy and really great lately.  Hope it’s been the same for you.