Show & Tell: Oct 07/11

I heard on the radio this morning that only 47.5% of the population eligible to vote in Ontario did so last night.  It’s one of the lowest turnouts they’ve had in recent years and I am honestly shocked.  I have to admit I almost skipped out on voting to go to an event last night, but in the end decided that I better put my money where my mouth was and get my butt to the polls.

That got me to thinking about why people didn’t vote and I think it has a lot to do with not really caring about politics in general.  My view of most politicians is really not good.  I think they are generally sleazy and it’s unbelievable how they fight and bully each other.  I think that they can’t pay attention to making policies because they’re too busy saying bad things about each other.  We really need someone strong, who will listen to the people, help improve our economy and protect our natural resources and environment.  There also needs to be something done about helping people understand the platforms and policies that each party is running on.  Canada needs to step up it’s Elections campaigns and get more people voting!!

It’s important to have a say and you should do it.  OK enough of my rant on voting.  Here’s some Show & Tell…


That’s it for this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Have a safe long weekend.