She hid around corners and she hid under beds



I found these photos last night when I was cleaning my desk and started to think about all the things that have changed in my life since then.  It has been an absolutely crazy past year or so for me and I’ve had some major life changes.  I wasn’t sure if I should post this, but after a great talk with Christina I realized that it’s all part of life and why the hell not.

Then I woke up this morning and read my daily horoscope:


Your horoscope for October 4, 2011  
  This is a great time for you to take a difficult situation, work through it, and come out victorious, Carly-Anne. Do not feel bad about things in your life that are sitting in a crumbled heap before you. Destruction gives opportunity for brand new growth and advancement. Recall the phoenix who rises up from the ashes, and embody the spirit that makes the phoenix so powerful against all odds.


And that was what I needed to hear.  So here it goes…
A year ago the rug was pulled out from under me and everything in my life changed.  I went from being everywhere and right in the middle of a personal blog challenge, 30 Days of Blogging, to pretty much dropping off the face of the earth.  I surfaced again on an island and spent the next few months just enjoying myself and trying to sort out my life and figure out what I wanted to do next.  In the midst of all of this, my poor blog didn’t get much attention and I have really not been writing as much as I want to.  I have so many unposted things from the past year and have not really been keeping up with my site.  Some of them are pretty interesting IMO and instead of just going to waste, I figured why not share them now?

So starting with today for the next 30 days I’m going to catch up on all things that I missed putting out along with some new stuff including a contest and giveaways.

Thanks to everyone who’s been along for the ride the past year.  And thank you to my Florida man for being so good to me.  I love you ♥


 “Happiness hit her, like a train on a track…

…Leave all your love and your longing behind, you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.”