Show & Tell: Sept 23/11

What a rainy, dark day we’re having.  I kind of like being inside all toasty and warm, wrapped in in a sweater and working away on my laptop.

Last night I surprised Jason with homemade soup (with chicken in his portion) and homemade jam.  I was very domestic 🙂  I absolutely LOVE cooking and making meals from scratch.  It’s a little tricky to feed a vegetarian and a meatatarian in one meal but I’m getting the hang of it.  The soup was really yummy and we’ll get to try the jam tonight!  Watch for the recipes in future Monday Munchies posts, which are going back to regular weekly scheduling!

Here is a bunch of Show & Tells that I’ve found over the last little while:

  • PostIt Wars – people being super creative with PostIt Notes is really neat
  • Very cool but disgusting – Thai Baker crafts bread to look like human body parts – it is SO CREEPY – and here’s the full story with no pics
  • Ebay has a section where you can buy spells, I had no idea!  I could’ve been selling spells for years.  Here’s one that Regretsy found Vampire Transformation Spell
  • Kat George from Thought Catalog wrote an article on period sex – honestly I know it’s kind of gross for you boys to think about (and sorry Mom & Dad) but I think that you should read it and share it with boys.
  • Regretsy has been posting quite a few gems lately – ever want your own tail?
  • Unbrelievable posted 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters last week and it made me cry the first time I read it.  I just read it again while posting and the tears welled up again.  I’m very happy to say that my Dad has done everything on this list and I’m a really lucky girl to have a man like that to look up to and measure my suitors against.  Think I’ve found a great man now 🙂
  • An excellent post from TechVibes on how the author got his stolen macbook back withing 24 hours.
  • I love Kanye West’s 808 & Heartbreak album.  Emma at The Awl wrote a very thoughtful piece on the album and what it meant to hip hop.  Love her views.
  • Have you seen yet – I actually got lost in this site for at least an hour looking at and reading about the various mullets.  Pure Gold.
  • Todd Maffin is a blogger and a recovering alcoholic.  His post Why Addicts Like Amy Winehouse & I Can’t Just Quit is a really important read for anyone who is dealing with addiction – whether it be yourself or someone you love.
  • Even if you are not married and just in a relationship I think you should read 5 Top Secret Things You Need To Know About Being Married – it’s just really good advice
  • And lastly today I’ll leave you with a video of a few PSA’s on bullying from Perez.  We all need to be responsible for our actions online and IRL.  Stop Bullying Now!