My 1st Team Buy experience – Aqua Salon & Spa

Today I had my first TeamBuy experience an manicure, pedicure and 30 minute relaxation massage at Aqua Spa.

Aqua Spa is located at 249 Queens Quay West and it’s on the backside of the Radisson Hotel, facing the harbour. It was a little difficult for me to find but the concierge at the Radisson was super helpful and showed me the way. Parking under the hotel is credit card or change only and there are no attendants so make sure you are prepared.

There was no one at the front desk when I walked in and I waited about 10 minutes for the receptionist to come out. I gave her my name and told her I was a Blogger here for TeamBuy and she told me that she was just covering for someone and to have a seat. I waited about 20 minutes for another woman to ask me what services I was here for and found it a little strange that they didn’t have anything ready for me.

Finally a lovely woman named Galina came to get me and take me to the Relaxation Room. I couldn’t wait for my massage and wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d only had RMT massages before. The room was candlelit and had a big tub, a table for massage and a shower. The music was classical and it was definitely relaxing. My massage was not too bad, the table was flat and didn’t have the facehole I was used too. Definitely more of a body rub then a massage but it was nice. She massaged my hands and feet which I absolutely loved.

After the massage Galina took me to the pedicure room where another woman was also getting her toes done. The other customer was really nice and kept saying I had beautiful toe nails. My pedicure was nice, had the bubbly foot bath, and exfoliating scrub and then a really nice smelling moisturizer massaged onto my feet. I got a deep blackish red shade and it will look amazing at the gala events I’m going to this weekend and next week.

My manicure was done by Mia and in chatting with her I found out she is the owner. She was really nice and we chatted about blogging and the harbourfront and she told me the salon had been open almost a year. I chose the same colour for my fingernails and it looks very glam.

I had a nice time at Aqua Spa & Salon and if you are looking for a good deal on your next mani/pedi the TeamBuy site is the place to go.

Thanks for the relaxing evening!

Please note that this is a sponsored post and I am excited to be doing a partnership with!