Show & Tell: Sept 2/11

Can you believe it’s Labour Day weekend already?  It’s kind of bittersweet, the end of summer.  It has been a pretty busy and fun summer and I’m going to miss it, but I’m really looking forward to Fall and moving forward with everything.  I’ve been in a perpetual summer it seems, since January of this year and yesterday felt like the beginning of another new chapter.

This weekend is going to be all about relaxing.  I’m going to unplug and not make any plans and see where the weekend takes me.  Do you have any plans this weekend?

If you’re working today I’ve got some pretty good time waster links for Show & Tell.  I’ve got a double dose of them since I was too busy last week to post.


  • Roshan

    Those are some nice links. Thanks, I enjoyed them.

  • Thanks Carly-Anne. I’ll need to try out a few of those great tips for self portraits. I’m afraid my Web cam doesn’t really cut it.

    Interesting to note how the ‘Top Ten Places to Live in the World’ differs from the list of ‘Most Livable Cities 2011’ that just came out. ( ). Toronto ranks 4th (globally) despite an average commute time that exceeds Los Angeles by 24.1 minutes, as reported in a study by The Toronto Board Of Trade.  
    I love the 60 Ways to make Life Simple Again list too. Great finds. Thanks. 

    • Thanks for commenting Darryl and great share with the Most Livable Cities article. I hadn’t seen it yet. Our commute time is ridiculous compared to most cities and surprisingly the TTC isn’t making things better. I hope our city spends the time and resources to improve transit times and help to decrease commute times and traffic congestion.