How About You?

Sarah Von of Yes and Yes (you may recall her blog from my Show & Tell posts) has a very honest and inspiring post today and I thought it would be a great idea to share here as well.

Her post is called “All The Ways That We Are Adorable” and was brought on by a discussion on the Every Buddy boards about going out in public without makeup.  One commenter posted that she was lucky enough to have long dark lashes that didn’t require mascara, but then wrote Why is it so hard to say nice things about yourself? Especially physically? *sigh*”

Sarah decided that it’s time to say nice things about ourselves and posted five great things.  I added to her comments and I think we all could use a little boost .

So I want to know – what do you love about yourself?  What makes you different and makes you stand out?

My answer was:

  • I am small and thin
  • I have blue eyes that change colour depending on my mood (blue, green, gray)
  • I have a crazy, high-pitched laugh but my voice sounds really good when I sing.

and I want to add

  • I love my ski jump nose
  • I love how I look in a bikini now
  • and I love that my hair is getting longer!

Can’t wait to read your responses!