Show & Tell: July 22, 2011

What a great week!  The weather was beautiful – except for yesterday which was a little too hot – but I really can’t complain because it could be winter 🙂  I had a couple disappointing things happen which almost put me in a funk, but then I thought about them and it just made me want to work harder to achieve my goals.  Got to catch up with some of my favourite people at the Murphy’s patio  and spent some really good, quality time hanging out with my man.

This weekend we’re supposed to go up north to a pool party and then I have a bridal shower on Sunday but today my bro suggested camping and I’m kinda hoping we can do that instead.  I haven’t been camping in YEARS.  Like so long I can’t even remember the last time.  I’m a pretty good camper, having been through the whole Girl Guides thing – all the way up to Pathfinders.  I can waterproof a sleeping bag like it’s nobody’s business.  I am desperate to go swimming again.  I have to say that I really miss living on the Gulf of Mexico and being able to go to a beach whenever I want.

I’m running out of time to post today so here goes:


Update – HOLY CRAP IT TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD MY BLOG – I’m working on a brand new design/layout and will get the loading time fixed as well.  Hopefully the new site will launch August 1st!