Show & Tell: July 15/11

Summer in the city and life is good!  What do you have planned for the weekend?

  • Oh gawd.  You have to look at the photos in the Awkward Stock Photography blog.  They are just so ridiculous.
  • Now this is kind of scary but very interesting.  A factory in Germany is using robots and computers to to grow skins cells that they hope will one day be able to be transplated.  Umm… yeah.
  • Architecht Matthew Hofmann has gutted and reconfigued an airstream trailer that he lives in with his girlfriend.  I actually really like this and although it might not be too convenient for living in I think it’s a great idea for travel.
  • Most people I know are in debt, myself included.  I’ve been working dilligently to manage it and get it paid off and when I came across this article from The Consumerist Reader Pays Off $14,330 In 20 Months I decided to use it as my guide.


That’s it for this week.  Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll blog you again soon!