never been a better time than this

Oh hai there.  You came back to read 🙂  Thank you!

My blog has been pretty sparse lately.  Actually for quite a while I’ve been seriously neglecting it.  I’ve honestly been crazy busy with life.  Getting Jason sorted out with vistor permits and work visas (which is a LONG and involved process!), working a temp job as well as running my agency, looking for new opportunities to make money, spending time with my family and overall just being a busy bee.  I’ve barely had time to relax or sleep since coming back to TO and I’m not complaining.  I missed the fast pace of the city and am really glad to be back in the thick of it.  But it’s been a lot of all work and no play for this girl, which I decided to change as of yesterday.

I got home and had an hour to myself, which is a rare thing lately, and I immediately sat down at my computer to waste time online.  That’s when I realized that there are two things that I really used to love to do that I haven’t given any time to in a while. Sewing and writing.  I haven’t felt the urge to be creative at all and it’s pretty boring.  So I logged into my BurdaStyle profile and started going through the free patterns for summer clothes.  There were some really cute, easy things to make and I felt inspired and excited to make myself something.  I don’t have the funds to  shop for myself very often and honestly haven’t bought anything new since my birthday outfit.  I love the feeling of putting on something I’ve made myself and although I’m still pretty novice, I want to improve my sewing to hopefully make a nice wardrobe for myself.

I decided right then and there that I needed to make more time in my days for the things I enjoy doing in my life and less time being stressed out about work and money.

The other great thing that happened out of this is that I woke up this morning feeling like writing.  I started this post on my blackberry on the way to my temp job and am taking a break now to finish it.  I’ve got a backlog of posts and things to share with you.  I also really want to do a redesign of my site.  I’ve been working on a few different websites for clients and have really improved my web design skills.

I appreciate all you guys sticking around and checking out my site, going through the archives when there wasn’t anything new.  Things are great.  Life is great and I’m ready for the next chapter to begin.


Photo taken by Casie at the Hate and Heartbreak Launch Party
(Me, Jason, My Mom & Aunty Judy)