Show & Tell: June 17/11

What a whirlwind week!  Working downtown above the Hyatt for the next month, which is really great.  NXNE & NXNEi (didn’t get a media pass this year, but ended up as a delegate).  Cleaning, organizing, unpacking and moving in preparation for Jason’s arrival next week!  I am so excited for him to be here and to show him our city.  In case you haven’t noticed I have a big heart on for Toronto lately.  The next three days are going to be crazy NXNE, concerts, gifting lounge, MMVA’s, Father’s Day.  Phew!

I’ve got a whole pile of Show & Tell stuff saved up over the past couple months.  My first since moving back to Toronto.  Today’s is a big one 🙂



  • I admire Anna Wintour and IMO her influence has made her THE most powerful woman in Fashion.  Here is a great article by Wall Street Journal on “Brand Anna” via Nubby
  • Sarah Von of Yes and Yes has a really great post that I think we should all read 10 Things to Do on Your Lunchbreak That Don’t Involve Facebook or Lean Cuisine
  • Be Gentle With Your Parents” – this is a good reminder for all of us.  I am very guilty of getting frustrated easily and not always talking the nicest to my parents.  I have amazing ones and they don’t deserve the attitude that they still sometimes get from me (and my siblings).
  • My cell phone is now my only phone line and I have really been trying use my headset when talking on it, instead of holding it to my ear.  You should too.  Read This –> Cellphone Radiation May Alter Your Brain
  • Last but not least – if you haven’t seen the video of 9-year old Robert Jeffrey’s dancing to Vogue then here’s your chance.  He kills it!



That’s it for this week my friends.  I’m off to finish up my workday, then move more stuff and out to NXNE for the night!