Beer Boutique in Liberty Village

On Monday night I went to the preview of the new Beer Store in Liberty Village, the Beer Boutique.  I think it’s a great idea for a beer store to be set up like this.  I love to walk around a self-serve store to check out what’s new and different.  I always feel rushed when I go to The Beer Store and have to choose what I want from a list on the wall.

I loved the layout of the store, open concept with exposed brick walls, heavy wooden tables, old beer barrels and a modern, rustic feel.  Casie commented on how straight and lined up everything was (photo by her)


I went with Casie, Sabrina and Alex and ended up seeing a whole bunch of awesome people that I hadn’t seen in a while.   We had a pretty fun time and got there early, before all the politicians (seriously!) and crowd arrived.
So good to see all you guys April, Raymi, Brock, Keri, Christine & Julie and Erin and we ate, drank and danced till 9pm.  I love short events like this 6-9, in and out.

I also got to try Stella Artois Legere for the first time and I think it’s going to be my new summer beer.

Speaking of Stella Artois Légère, have you voted for your neighbourhood’s chance to host the Ultimate Block Party?  go to, scroll down til you see VOTE and then vote for your neighbourhood (East End!!)

Thanks to the team at The Beer Store for the invite and I hope you bring a Beer Boutique to the Beach!

And thanks to CASIE for the photos.  I forgot my camera so I stole them off her site 🙂