A few weeks ago Jason and I borrowed his friend Dawn’s boat and we went yachting for our Saturday Date.  We spent the day on the water and drove around our whole island (Estero Island).  We stopped for rum runners and then I got to drive all the way around Black Island.  It was my first time ever driving a boat, and on the ocean at that!  I was a little scared but got the hang of it pretty fast.  Jason is a really good teacher and he really knows his stuff about boats and the ocean.  I am constantly pointing at thinks and asking “What’s that?”



Captain Pony




Huge bruise courtesy of CMW



This is one end of our street, the other end is the Gulf of Mexico


A sailboat I love


Scrimp boats


Out on the Gulf of Mexico




Our spot at Lovers Key


Me driving the boat


Driving home, end of the day




It was a beautiful day and one of the best dates I’ve been on.  Glad we got to spend the time together and thank you very much to Dawn for letting us use the boat!

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