Show & Tell: Apr 08/11

This has been a pretty interesting week.  Had my Kathryn come for a visit with her man Andrew and they left early Wed morning.  Had some great beach time and lots of work time, brainstorming to take over the world 🙂  It was so nice to have one of my friends come down for a visit.  The rest of you should get your butts here before I’m back in TO for Spring/Summer.  We’ve got room for you 🙂

  • O’Nizzle has been posting gems on Twitter/FB and this one made me LOL – The 10 best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook.
  • Speaking of O’Nizzle, SheDoesTheCity just did a profile on the lovely Lauren O’Neil – if you don’t already follow her/read her blog, you better jump on board quick.  I’ve had the pleasure of hanging and working with this girls since she hit the city last year and I definitely <3 her
  • Why is predicting the future so hard?  In the year 2011 we were expected to drive flying cars, have hoverboards and jetpacks and our fashion definitely wasn’t a reinterpretation of the 80’s & 90’s.  Johnny Holland Magazine has a great article called This Ain’t Your Parents Future that’s worth a read.
  • I’m not so much thinking of retirement, but places where I can travel to and live for a while inexpensively.  Still a good post to share 9 Places Where You Can Retire and Live Like a King
  • Ever go to a bar and are not sure what kind of beer to drink?  Here’s a handy guide to help you out “What Beer Should I Drink”
  • Thought this was funny since I’ve been in the US off and on for the past few months – What Is Your State Worst At
  • I love horses and ponies of all kinds (since I was a little kid) and this video showing a Mini named Midnight, that was neglected by his previous owners, get a new lease on life by getting a prosthetic leg made me tear up.
  • Another funny clip that I saw first on HLN News last week – Christian women in Texas are Pole Dancing for Jesus – it’s funny how putting “For Jesus” in the title makes it ok in their minds.  I wonder if “Same-Sex Marriage for Jesus” would be as acceptable? Oh, and I have nothing against pole dancing or Christians.
  • Design student Andrew Kim has redesigned the iconic Coke bottle to make a more eco friendly and sustainable bottle.  What do you think of his design?  Would you care if your Coke bottle didn’t look like a Coke bottle?
  • Last week two awesome girls – Jordyn & Destinee – emailed me about a school project they had to do about their Celebrity Role Model.  And they wanted to use ME as their subject!  I was immensely flattered and it honestly made my week that they asked me.  Well they finished the video and did their presentation today.  Fingers crossed that they get an A+!  Here is the video they made – thanks again ladies.  You did a great job.



  • Sarenaromeo

    hey cuz hows it going.. miss yeah and hopefully next time you get your but back to stouffville we can actually see each other and maybe go for coffee to ctah up .. you famous brat!!!!!!!!1

    love your older and wiser and ut of course best lloking cousin hahha

    pss don’t tell the others

    love Sarena

    • You should get on a plane and come visit me! I would love to get together when I’m back. I miss you tons and it’s been way too long. Give everyone a big hug & kiss for me and I’ll definitely call you when I’m back.

      Love your favourite, best looking cousin 🙂