My Tattoos

My blog was down for a couple days again due to hosting issues, but it looks like everything is back up and running.  Unfortunately it seems that some of my older posts – from the old site – are missing and I can’t seem to figure out how to re-install them via backup.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  I’ll be putting up some of the old ones by memory – recipes and anything else I can remember.

I get asked all the time about my tattoos and that is one of the lost posts, so here’s a new one that includes my newest tattoo.

1st one ever was a Capricorn symbol on my lower back – done at Longhorn Tattoos in Oshawa – I can’t remember the artists name.  Went with my friend Raija and we both got tattoos.

Tattoo # 2 is a sacred heart with wings – also on my lower back – done by Paul Flintoff who is now working out of New Moon Tattoo in Ottawa.

Tattoo #3 is the fairy on my upper back that was done by Dave Black in Peterborough.


Tattoo #4 was done by Lyall in his kitchen.  It was the first tattoo he ever did on someone and it’s either a nautical star or starfruit 🙂


Tattoos #5 & 6 were also done by Paul Flintoff – the stars on my chest


Tattoo #7 is a hibiscus on my ankle done by Stephen Shaw


And my latest tattoo – a traditional heart with Mom & Dad banner – was done by Jason Laurendeau in Florida.  You can see the entry about this tattoo HERE


That’s all I have for now.  I’d really like to get a pinup girl done on my leg and a four-leaf clover.  Do you have any tattoos?  Share them in the comments and post a link to the photos if you can.