Breakfast in Bed

I love being surprised and nothing is better then waking up in the morning to a yummy breakfast in bed.  Especially if you had a lot of fun the night before.  He had Saturday off and got up early anyways.  I could hear him banging around and figured I might as well get up and make us something to eat so we could start our beach day.  I went out to the living room and said “Hi” and he turned around and yelled at me to get my ass back in bed.  So I pretended to go back to sleep and he came in a couple minutes later with a table, breakfast and O.J.

This was the second time he’s done it for me in the past month and got an extra god star for adding fruit.  He brought us McDonald’s breakfast in bed after my birthday dinner night because, well, sometimes you need some greasy breakfast to soak up the alcohol from the night before.

(Sorry for the messy room Mom, it’s clean now)

Do you get breakfast in bed?  Have you ever made someone breakfast in bed?