If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all


This is something my father has said to my brother, sister and I all of our lives.  I try very hard to live by this, which is evident by the fact that I have not said anything online about people in my life who deserve it.  I feel that having a public forum like my blog is a place to be positive and peaceful and although I would love to call out people who have done me wrong, it is irresponsible and unacceptable.

This post was brought on because today I was on Formspring – a site where people can ask you questions – and one of the profiles that I follow is a huge DWW fan.  They call themselves their “biggest fans” and two separate anonymous people wrote negative questions/comments to them saying that they are not friends of the band and that they haven’t been fans for very long.  I had to respond to this negativity because it is just so unnecessary and childish – which may be due to the age of the commenter.  It really upset me that anyone would think to knock down a friend or fan of anyone.  We are all entitled to our own opinion, of course, but to be negative or put down someone on a public forum is just beyond ridiculous.

It baffles me that people bully each other online.  I find it absolutely disgusting that people do this and clearly anyone that does is immature, insecure and does not have respect for themselves or others.  It is sad that bullying has been the cause of so many young people’s suicides and that people still continue to do this with no thought of how it will affect another person.  We’ve all read Perez Hilton’s site and he was notorious for being rude, negative and a bully to celebrities.  He realized that what he was doing was detrimental to everyone’s lives and has made an real effort to clean up his blog and turn over a new leaf.

I am putting out a challenge to all of you – friends, fans, family, haters and anyone else who has a public persona online – to stand up and say NO to bullying and putting out negativity towards others online.  You can be the voice that is heard, you can be the one to stand up and maybe even save someone’s life.  No one deserves to be put down, harassed, embarassed or called out for their likes, beliefs, sexuality or being different.

Have you been a victim of bullying online?  Have you been the bully?  Share your stories in the comments.


“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”