Show & Tell: Feb 18/10

I have to say that I am absolutely loving the warm weather and the fact that there is no snow in Florida.  Sorry to all of you who are stuck in it this winter.  I seriously recommend taking a winter down South at least once in your life.  It has been so good for my mind and soul and I really needed the time away from the city to get back to me.

It is so beautiful down here and the only thing I miss are the people.  I’ve got some new friends down here but I’ve been spending alot of time by myself which was much needed.  It’s going to be hard to leave.

  • One fun thing I’ve got to do down here is to go out on the Fort Myers Princess for a Dolphin Tour and then another night for the Hospitality Party.  They also offer a Sunset Cruise which I haven’t had the chance to go on yet but am definitely going to.  To book a trip or for more information check out their website
  • No idea where I found this but it is really good advice : Advice From Somewhere
  • One of my Florida friends Chris posted this on FB earlier this week.  It’s from Sad & Useless and too ridiculous not to share  Tips for Single Ladies (1938)
  • For Miss Currybomb – a tricked out Hello Kitty car
  • Melodie posted this awesome link from Street Carnage on her FB “How To Live For The Weekend” which is really just common sense advice on how to make the most out of your free time:
    Not everyone knows how to take care of themselves and everyone should. This is the basic equation:
    The more you take care of yourself = The more time and energy you have to party
  • I am a huge pizza fan and I really like making my own at home.  I haven’t made my own dough before but I’m definitely going to try it out.  These 50 Easy Pizza Recipes from Food Network look delicious!
  • This one is for Pony –> which one do you want?  Pimped Out Mega-Yachts
  • Men’s Health posted Power of 10: 10 exercises for a timesaving, all-in-one cardio and strength workout that are supposed to JumpStart your day and I think they are relevant to both men & women.  I am in desperate need of getting back into shape – especially after reading Raymi & Casie’s posts on working out at The Motion Room – you can bet I’m signing up as soon as I’m back in the city
  • Rainbow vagina cupcakes – enough said
  • If you are a fan of Bettie Page or Bunny Yeager you should check out the Legendary Queens of Pinup photos on Selvegeyard