Show & Tell: Jan 14/11

I’ve been trying to get back to regularly scheduled posting but my blog has been having issues since the end of Dec.  I hope to have the issue resolved ASAP so until then bear with me if you come here and it’s down.

  • By now we’ve all head about the shift in Astrology signs and the addition of a 13th sign, Ophiuchus.  Not to worry though – you won’t have to give up your current sign.  Ophiuchus astrological use dates back to the fourth century A.D and Western Astrology is based on time and not literally where the consolations appear in the sky.  For more info you can look HERE and HERE
  • Mintlife has a really interesting diagram that shows “The New Auto Industry” breakdown and statistics.  Notice that Ontario is now a minority shareholder of both GM and Chrysler.  Too bad we didn’t use the money to keep Canadian plants operating.
  • I’m always looking for ways to make inexpensive, healthy meals and here are 10 Gourmet Meals for Under $10.
  • Jason has been finding some really funny links online and he sent me “How to Ride a Pony” for this week.
  • Strumpet & Pink are UK Lingerie designers who have made beautiful couture pieces.  If It’s Hip, It’s Here have posted a collection of photos from them and my two favourites are the Garden of Delights and the Ming’s Vase – I would love to wear these as hot pants a la Lady Gaga styles.

Garden of Delights


Ming’s Vase

  • Have you ever wondered what the inside of Pharrell Williams house looks like?  The self-proclaimed “Kidult” has some pretty unique decor.  I love the Stewie & Brian paintings.

That’s it for this week.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  I have to go and “help” paint :)