Show & Tell: Jan 07/11

DISCLAIMER: I tried to have this up earlier today but for some reason my blog keeps going down and has been doing this since Dec 31.  So far no one has been able to figure out why.  It goes from working fine to the WordPress Install page.  Any ideas??

I’m happy to post the first Show & Tell of 2011.  This is one of my favourite things to post and my personal blog goal is to do it weekly for the whole year.   I’ve been saving links like crazy over the past month and I hope you enjoy it!

  • To start off the year I am backing up everything.  How To Backup Your WordPress Blog In Three Easy Steps (I’ve linked to this before).  I’ve done my computer, photos and all my other online files.  Another great idea that KeriBlog posted a video about today is to change all your passwords.  She’s got some good advice that I’m going to try out.
  • Jason shared a really interesting article from Yahoo! called Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know.  I wonder what this list will look in 2021…
  • I can’t remember where I saw these Bizzare Online Search Suggestions but it may have been in my FB newsfeed.  Some people are ridiculous!
  • I love castles and have always wanted to see one.  I’d like to visit all of these 15 Amazing Castles, especially the Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland and the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  • The Oatmeal has a really funny comic called Cats vs Internet.  I think Harley has been getting some ideas from here…
  • Mashable has posted a list of sites where you can get free e-books for your Kindle, computer or smartphone.  A really great resource.
  • Here’s an illustration from Popular Mechanics August 1925 edition predicting the 1950′s city of the future.  It’s fairly accurate – other than the how the traffic lanes are laid out.
  • Oh Ginuwine… This made me laugh so hard —-> Dancing Alone to Pony
  • Scientist discovered some really crazy new species last year.  Guardian UK has a great photo gallery of 16 of the top picks
  • “French street artist OakoAk sees the world through a very creative set of eyes.” He creates street art using images and icons from Pop Culture.
  • Loved this 2010 Zeitgeist “How The World Googled” video

I hope everyone had a productive and inspiring first week of 2011.