The Next Episode

So I haven’t written in a little while because I’ve been trying to get my life organized.  I had to move out of my apartment yesterday and wasn’t able to find a place in time.  So I put all my belongings in a 7×10 storage space, packed my essentials (office, clothes) into a suitcase and got on a plane for Florida for the next three weeks.  Crazy.

My life has been turned upside down the past few months and I’ve been feeling a bit lost and out of place.  I watched Eat Pray Love on the weekend with Kathryn and it really inspired me to do something just for me and not to worry about what everyone else thinks.  I need some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life and luckily my business is mostly done online so I can work from just about anywhere with an internet connection.  Things are also slowing down for the winter and I’ll be closed for three weeks closer to the holidays.

It’s also exactly one month until my 30th birthday.  I can’t believe that I’ll be 30 but it feels like the right time to start a new chapter and I’m excited about all the possibilities in front of me.

Thanks for sticking around and reading my thoughts.

The dog days are over…