Vlitma Ratio

Last Thursday night I went to meet Lyall for the opening reception of our friend Zack Woods “Vlitma Ratio” show at the Art Bar at the Gladstone Hotel.  I was really impressed by his paintings and you should go and check them out while you can.  His show runs Nov 17-30.

These are my favourite paintings from the show.  For all the paintings check out my Picasa

I finally got to meet Lyall’s girlfriend who thought I was a made up friend because we’d never met before.  I was supposed to meet up with them a few times when they were in Toronto but didn’t end up going so she started calling me Polkaroo :) Chaddy was there and it’s honestly been at least a year since I’ve seen him.  And of course Taylor and Zack’s gorgeous wife Janelle (who is the woman in the bloody nose painting).  It was so great to see and hang out with you guys!

Lyall & I

Lyall can haz cheezburger?

Me, Zack & Chaddy