Sunshine & Palm Trees

Just a quick update today.  Packed my house all night and hopefully I hear about the apartment we want for Dec 1.  Otherwise Kyle & I are going to be homeless and sleeping on couches til Jan 1.  I really don’t want to move on my birthday so keep your fingers crossed!

I’m going back to Florida today and leave for the airport in an hour.  It feels like Christmas I’m so excited to go back and see my new Pony :) Who knew?

I’ve got to work during the week while I’m there but luckily I need my Mac, my Blackberry & an internet connection and I can work anywhere.  Gonna try my best to work on the beach under an umbrella.  How amazing would that be?  It’s such a beautiful island that I’m going to and it’s going to be warm & sunny the whole time.  I was feeling a little guilty about having another trip so soon, but I’ve been working so hard and been through a lot of crap this year that I deserve it!

Sunset on Fort Myers Beach

Gotta pack a few more boxes before I leave.

Have a great weekend!