Show & Tell: Nov 19/10

My first Show & Tell in over a month.  I’ve been saving up a bunch of links but I won’t bombard you with them all at once.  Tomorrow I leave for Florida for another five days.  I am so excited to go and be warm for longer.  I’m seriously going to try and work on the beach.  Hopefully I can steal internet from somewhere.  I’ll just be walking up and down the beach with my Mac trying to get a signal.  Such a nerd.

Last night was the opening of my friend Zack Wood’s art show at The Gladstone called Vlitma Ratio.  It’s running Nov 17-31.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Check out the sign on the window.

  • Speaking of Florida I saw on Perez Hilton that the state has started using Robo-Deer to deter hunters from hunting out of season.  Interesting.
  • These forced perception photographs are amazing.  The first one in the pool is my favourite and the little girl holding the man.
  • A man named Frank proposed to his GF Kasey the old fashioned way, but had friends with iPhones & a Macbook candidly capture the proposal.  Beautiful and so thoughtful.
  • I am fascinated by ruins and abandoned buildings.  I want to explore them all.  These 10 Creepy, Beautiful, Modern ruins are amazing.
  • Whether you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice – you should read this account of a man dealing with Pro-Life protesters outside an abortion clinic. I too have stopped and tried to talk to these pathetic people outside a local hospital on the day they performed this procedure.  I asked one woman “What if you daughter was raped and got pregnant, should she be forced to keep it and what would the impact be on that child, knowing they were a product of rape”.  They told me that there is always adoption.  But can you seriously imagine living with that for 9 months or growing up and learning how you came to be?  Or not having the choice to bring a horribly deformed/unformed child into the world and then it suffers and dies at birth.  Obviously I am PRO-CHOICE.
  • Hilarious – Halloween costumes of the 80′s.  I so remember these.  Don’t think we ever had them but I’m going to have to ask Mom if we did.  Do you guys remember these and did you have one?
  • I am in LOVE with the Luxirare Travel Bag.  This is my dream carry-on bag.  Black with metallic pink lining, it looks like it was made for me.
  • Found these Top 10 Female Turn Ons on the Sex, Cigars & Booze site.  What do you think ladies?  Are these all things you like/look for in a man?  I have to agree with them.
  • The founder of Zappos Tony Hsieh on why he sold the company.  A very interesting read
  • I love me some Slash and his performance of the US National Anthem is amazing



That’s it for this week.  Have to pack for Florida and pack up my house.  I have to move out on Dec 1 but don’t have a place to live yet.  If you know of a good 2bd in the Beaches for Kyle & I let me know!!


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