I Found You Some Wonderful Things

After Halloween we needed a day in the pool so Tanya and I met up with Jason to walk down to Diamondhead Resort where my Mugga was staying.  Got to meet one of the coolest dogs in the world Irwin, an Australian Cattle Dog and he conned me into throwing a ball for him all week. Such a nice dog.


Spent the day in the water drinking Rum Runners and then went down to the ocean for the first time in years.  I’m pretty scared when I can’t see the bottom but I walked out up to my waist to the sandbar.  Pretty brave.

Jason, Carly, Tanya

Had an early night and woke up the next day to do some work, then Jason took me on an adventure around the islands.  We went to a lighthouse (don’t remember what it was called) and drove around Captiva and Sanibel Islands.  Then he took me to a wildlife reserve because I wanted to see a real live alligator.  It took 4 miles and being eaten alive by noseums (sp?) but we finally found one.  I was pretty excited but scared that it was going to run and get us, but he just stayed in the water and stared.

After Alligator hunting we went to meet up with Tanya, Jenny & some of their friends at Outrigger to have drinks and watch the sunset.  It was so beautiful to watch on the beach and there were dolphins playing in front of us.  So beautiful.  And walking back in to shore I found a hermit crab!

Jenny & Tanya


After sunset we went out for dinner at S.O.B and I tried some Yellowfin Tuna.  It was so good I ate 5 bites.  I know it doesn’t seem like much but I’ve never eaten fish.  Was never in my diet growing up and I don’t really like anything I’ve tried.  Sushi I don’t mind but this was excellent.  I will definitely order it for myself the next time I’m in Florida :)

Spent the day with Tanya & Jenny which was really nice to have girl time.  Got to meet her beautiful dog Maddy.  I really want one of my own!  Then Kris came down and we tried to catch a stormy sunset.  It was too cold and windy so it didn’t last long.

Me & Kris

A few more days of beaches, drinking and sun and then I was supposed to fly home.  Instead I changed my flight at the last minute and ended up staying for 4 more days.I have to say that it was probably the best vacation I’ve had in a long time.  I couldn’t have met a more awesome person down there and the last 4 days were amazing.

We spent the days drinking on the beach watching the sun set at night – I got to see baby dolphins learning how to fish in shallow water. We watched some men work while they built a bonfire, and we relaxed in a hammock together that was supported by these very sturdy hammock stands, (which I ended up buying for myself,  once I returned home). I later went to eat at Baywalk Cafe, and it was amazing, I had a gourmet beans & rice dinner made for me.

Jill, Irwin & I by the fire

Found a cool beach area to hang out just the two of us.  I also got a whole jar full of wonderful things from Florida – starfish, seashells, fossil.  I asked tons of questions about everything I saw and actually learned quite a lot.  Did you know that there are 3 different types of mangrove trees – red, white & black – and I can tell you what seeds are from which tree.

I saw a dead horseshoe crab, a lizard eating a mole cricket, sand fleas – which aren’t really fleas at all, just creepy white roachy looking bugs – UGH.  I saw a huge palmetto – which looks like a giant cockroach – inside a carnivorous plant. I got to watch dolphins a whole bunch of times – which will never get old – and pelicans fishing. It was a real wildlife adventure and my tour guide knew pretty much everything I asked about.  I also got to watch him marry a couple in a trailer park, which was pretty awesome too.  Such a great adventure.

I also got tattooed, which some of you saw on FB.  I’ll post the session right after this so you can see.

I really had the best vacation I could’ve asked for and it completely changed my perspective on all the crap from the month before.  Now I’m back and better than before.  Feels great!

Our beach spot