Tokyo Treats

In August Chad was with his band touring Asia.  They went to Singapore, Tokyo & Osaka and he brought me back a few things from Tokyo.  The Green Tea Kit Kat is really good and I wish they sold it in Toronto.  I’ve been saving one in the freezer to share with him when he gets back :)

He got me a mug from Tokyo Starbucks to add to our collection and a little Maneki Neko cat – which is believed to bring good luck to the owner.  It sits on the windowsill in front of my desk and I think it’s working.  I am so excited for him to come home and it’s only 5 more days.

Tonight is Nuit Blanche and it’s my first time going.  Casie is back from her NZFW travels and I’m going to meet up with her and some friends to go out.  It’s gonna be a really fun night and if you see us downtown come say hi!