This week or last week

Wow.  TIFF was madness.  I need a week to recuperate from all the late nights, free drinks and parties.  I stayed in all weekend and barely moved from my couch.  It’s amazing how much piles up when you’re spending all your time working and TIFF-ing.  Have to kick my butt back into gear and get back to my normal routine.  I didn’t even have time to post a show & tell last week because of the festivities/lack of energy to move from my couch :)

Today is a full work day and then I’m heading down to meet Raymi for some Pole Dancing lessons.  Sorry Mom & Dad, I’m actually learning how to exercise pole dance tonight at Flirty Girl Fitness. After our nacho gorging session last week its only fair that we do some exercise.

I also need to get my nose re-pierced for the third time today.  It got knocked out in McDonald’s a 4am last week and closed over right away.  Luckily Shaun is awesome and is rigging up some jewelery that won’t fall out this time.

I’m going to try my hand at daily blogging, starting today.  My challenge is 30 days of blogging and I really hope I can set aside time each day for it.  Got a bunch of giveaways to do this month so it’ll be worth it for you guys to come back and win prizes.  See bribing you to read my blog.  It’s gonna work, I can feel it :)

I’ll leave you with photos of Me, Casie & Brock from the #DietCokeTIFFest party.  Photo booths should be at every event!

Check out my Picasa for more TIFF photos