TIFF 2010 So Far…

Oh my goodness this has been a crazy 3 days.  I’m still in my PJ’s, recovering from the last few nights and saving up my energy for tonight’s festivities.  Here’s the photos I’ve taken and a recap of what I’ve been up to so far this TIFF.

Thursday was the Stella Artois party at the Drake SkyYard.  Met up with Casie and Much VJ hopeful Brock McLaughlin.  We got inside and there were a bunch of TO bloggers already there, Corey, Sean, Emma.  My bro & his gf ended up coming by and then Bucky, Matt, Randall from Much.  After the Stella launch we headed back to the beach to change and ended up hooking up with Rhianne & Carri and stayed in the East end for the rest of the evening.  Check out Sean‘s video of the event.

Me & Bucky – my favourite town

Reporting for Sean Ward – photo by Casie

Friday was the Vitamin Water Backyard opening and Lauren gave me a VIP invite (thanks lady!)  Tons of social media/bloggers out and got to meet some new people and see some friends.  Love the backyard area and party tent.  There was plenty of Vitamin water to drink and they made some pretty nifty cocktails with the Vitamin Water & Vodka – I drank the pink one all evening :) Michael had an extra ticket to the premier of Stone starring Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich & Frances Conroy.  It was a really good movie and the cast had a Q&A afterwards.  Then I headed over to Tattoo with some new friends Jenn, Brock, Courtney & met up with Curtis Santiago.  Slash was the guest of honour at Tattoo and I was hanging with my Dwight, the DJ in the booth right beside him.  I was 2 feet away but wasn’t able to meet him.  Too bad.

Love this girl.  Working hard.

Casie’s Barbie Doll Sabrina

Andrew Stewart with some random business card :)

Blonde babes Anna Cyzon & Casie Stewart

Last night I went back to the Vitamin Water Backyard for The Conspirator after party.  Got to meet and chat with Justin Long – he was really nice but likes to take weird photos.  Afterwards went to the Soho House and met Dominic Cooper – but didn’t know it was him – and the crew behind the TIFF film Janie Jones.  After that I headed home and crashed.  Got a few places to go to tonight but am not sure if I’m gonna go out or not.

Have you guys been out at TIFF?  Seen anyone famous?

He really likes me….