September 11, 2010

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 9 years since the terrorist attacks in the US.  I remember everything about that day.  What I was wearing, where I was and how scared I felt.  It was the day that everything changed and my heart goes out to everyone who lost someone that day, everyone who watched the twin towers fall in person and on TV and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

I’m sitting at home watching a documentary on the History Channel about 9/11 and conspiracies surrounding it.  It saddens me to see the conspiracy theorists spouting their agenda to the families who are remembering their loved ones.  Everyone has the right to their opinion, but no one knows what really happened, and we may never fully understand.

Today is a day we should all stand strong and brave and take a moment to remember the heroes and those who lost their lives.  This is not a day to hate someone because of the colour of their skin, to be ignorant to other cultures because you don’t understand them.

The only change comes from within – wise words from my brother :)