2010 Wakestock Canada Day 3

Lots of photos in this post.

Got up late the last day and had to pack and get out of our loft by 11:00am.  We said goodbye to Jonathan and headed out to find some breakfast before the bands started.  Ate at the Beaver & Bulldog, which was pretty good and we all drank tons of coffee to try and get our lives back together.

After breakfast we made a pit stop at Zellers to get wellies and ended up staying there for about an hour trying things on.  Casie & Lauren got kids pajamas superhero costumes to wear and they looked hilarious.

Got to Wakecock Wakestock just in time for the shuttle to take us in.  So happy we didn’t have to walk the whole way.  It was pretty far and we were a little hung.  Love the VIP treatment.

First band we saw was called The Katacombs – a rockabilly/punk band out of Barrie and they were pretty good.  The bass player played a stand up bass and he was killing it. I’ve never really listened to much rockabilly music but I think I’m going to check out some more.

After a few songs we went over to check out the Wakeboarding finals.  These guys were crazy!  There were two walls – one higher then the other – and they were doing tricks and jumping on and off them.  I know nothing about Wakeboarding so I can’t tell you what they did, but it looked cool.  I really wanted to try it out this weekend, but maybe next year.

We walked around to check out what else was going on and Virgin Mobile had one of those carnival games where you hit something with a big hammer and see how strong you are.  I think Raymi was the strongest hitter out of all of us.  Apparently I’m a weakling, but I looked good doing it :)

One of my favourite girls, Tiffany was working the Virgin Mobile game so we got to hang with her and get some sunglasses.  She’s such a sweetheart and I really need to see more of her.  We went and checked out the Sprite Splash Mob rope swing into the water.  They wanted us to try it out but there was no way any of us were going to get wet and jump in a cold lake.  Casie’s friends took the plunge and it looked like a lot of fun.  Those boys were brave!

Got back to the stage in time to see our new friends Rebel Emergency play.  There was a smaller crowd on Sunday due to the cold, rainy weather but we danced and took a ton of pics anyway.  The band was all smiles as soon as they recognized us.  We definitely started the party on Sunday.

After Rebel Emergency was Hollerado and then my new favourite artist KO.  I have wanted to see him perform since I heard the Capable single on the radio and he didn’t disappoint.  The drummer & bass player from Rebel Emergency played with him and I was really impressed with his voice and live show.  I’ll hopefully have an interview with him to post up in the next couple of weeks.  Until then check out his Myspace page for videos/music.  I’m lovin Capable & Kurt Cobain (which is below).

I had the best time going to Wakestock with Casie, Raymi & Lauren.  It was a great experience and thank you so much to Jonathan, Zeke, Alison, Lawrence and the rest of the Wakestock team for taking care of us.  I can’t wait to come up next year and hopefully we can bring some of you guys!

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