Show & Tell: Aug 20/10

I’m writing this from the lobby of the Best Western in Napanee.  Got up at 5:30am to go to Bud Camp with Casie.  Apparently we are “party girls”.  Interesting.  Not too sure what we’ve gotten ourselves into but I hope it’s a lot of fun.  We traveled up on a Greyhound bus with 30 Bud Girls and two Mosaic reps.  Glad we’re here for fun and not to work this weekend.  Not sure if I’ll partake in all the extreme sports going on – definitely NOT gonna do paintball.

Had a mishap with my blog yesterday and mistakenly deleted the whole thing.  Luckily I back it up religiously and I didn’t lose anything.  Which leads me to my first link on Show & Tell this week.

  • I’ve posted this before and thankfully have been backing up my computer contents & blog on a weekly basis.  ProBlogger’s article How to back up your WordPress blog in 3 easy steps.  I recommend doing this NOW.
  • Enbridge Inc wants to bring the first ever crude oil supertankers to Canada’s Pacific north coast, home of the Great Bear Rainforest. These supertankers would bring with them the risk of a catastrophic oil spill, such as is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and has already occurred with the Exxon Valdez.  As Canadian’s we cannot let this happen. Please, signing this petition for a legislated oil tanker ban. It will be submitted to Parliament, which has a real and realistic opportunity to move legislation before the next election. SHARE THIS LINK WITH EVERYONE!
  • An incredible article on Adbusters called American Psychosis – that asks “What happens to a society that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion?”
  • This was really funny – an email exchange between a non religious Australian parent and a Christian volunteer – from Gala
  • Bad Yearbook Photos is hilarious!  I love seeing ridiculous photos of people.  It’s right up there with Awkward Family Photos
  • Author Greta Christina has written an interesting article called 5 Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men and to be honest I never really thought about it until now.
  • I had never heard of The Great Blue Hold of Belize and it’s pretty amazing.  It is believed to be the world’s largest sea hole and is a perfect circle

OK I’ve got to get back on the bus and head to Bud Camp.  Wish me luck!

Love this girls work