2010 Wakestock Canada Day 2

Woke up to Jonathan making us breakfast.  A little tired from the night before but didn’t drink too much so after a tea I was good to go.  Took 4 girls a while to get ready – I don’t think Jonathan was prepared for how ridiculous we are.  We were tweeting, taking photos, changing outfits, taking more photos…  Finally got out of the house and made it to Wakestock by 2:00pm.  The line up was huge but luckily we had media passes to bypass it.

First stop was to check out the skatepark and there were some sick skaters & bmx bikers doing tricks.  I tried to catch the guys doing backflips on the bike’s but they were too fast for me.

Our media passes allowed us to stand in the photo pit for the first 3 songs of each artist and we took full advantage.  Got tons of photos, videos and danced our asses off.  Didn’t make it in time to see The Set or King Cobra so the first band we saw was USS.  I’ve met the guys a few times with Kyle but hadn’t seen a live show yet.  They were so awesome!  Jay aka Human Kebob the DJ wore a blue warm up suit with white stars all over it.  He danced his ass off, crowd surfed, and got everyone screaming.  Ash Boo-Schultz was killing in on guitar and vocals while making a smoothie throughout the set.

They were joined on stage by their friends Edward & Jacob and then finally a guest performance by Maestro Fresh Wes.   I was so excited to hear Wes perform.  I’ve known him through my sister Kristin for a few years now, they were in Metropia & Instant Star together.

After the set we got backstage passes from Allison (thank you so much!) and I went to Wes to see if he remembered me.  He gave me a huge hug and said he just talked to my sister and asked if I had a camera.  I said yes and he grabbed my hand and took me to a tour bus.  Knocked on the door and a HUGE security guard answered, Wes said “she’s with me” and we walk onto the bus and who is sitting at the table CHUCK D!!!  Wes introduced me and I shook his hand and then took photos of Wes and Chuck with a copy of Wes’ book Stick To Your Vision.  That was the highlight of my Wakestock weekend.

After USS we walked around the main area and made some friends in the crowd.  Took lots of photos and signed a couple t-shirts.  Ran into friends of Casie‘s from New Zealand and they were super nice.  Also saw my friend Tiffany – she’s such a babe.

We headed back to the photo pit for Alexisonfire – it was my first time seeing them live as well and they were really good.  After the first 3 songs we went to stand sidestage to watch the rest of the set and that was pretty cool.

Ran into some friends from the Edge, Dean & Todd and hung out in the Virgin Mobile tent backstage with Paul & Amber.  So good to see you guys!

Got to hang out with some of the Public Enemy crew while they were waiting for their KFC to show up.  Too funny.  Said hi to Flavor Flav but didn’t get a photo with him.  Michie Mee did a special guest appearance before Public Enemy and it was my first time seeing her as well.

Flavor Flav came out next and did a drum solo – which was pretty interesting.  He has so much energy and I can’t believe he’s 61!  So crazy that he is still performing and he was just as good as someone half his age.  Did the photo pit for Public Enemy’s first three songs and then we got to stand side stage again!  It was so awesome to watch them and we were really lucky to stand side stage, thanks to Raymi‘s friend Lawrence.

After Public Enemy we got a golf cart limo back to our car.  So nice not to walk after walking around all day.  Boys kept jumping on the back and we had to yell at them to get off.  Stupid boys.

Wewent back to the loft with Jonathan to eat and get ready for the after party.  We didn’t take as long as before and all 4 of us were ready – photos taken – and out the door in 2 hours.

Went to the crew hotel first to meet up with them and have some drinks and then took a shuttle over to the afterparty.  Such a fun time with these girls.  Always laughing, taking photos and tweeting :)

We walked in just in time for the bikini contest.  I’ve never been in one, and I don’t ever want to be.  It just isn’t me to stand up in front of a crowd, oiled up, shaking my ass in a bikini.  Ugh.  Todd was hosting and after they picked the winner Wes & Human Kebob performed.   Jonathan took us home around 1am and I crashed right away  Such a blast!

Check out my Picasa for all the photos and Casie, Lauren & Raymi‘s sites for their Wakestock blogs